Visa and travel information

Visiting and residing requirements in Norway are determined by both citizenship and duration of stay. To find out about the specific requirements for a particular country of origin, please visit the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) >

On the UDI website, fellows should select ‘Want to apply’, enter the country of origin, and then choose ‘Work immigration’. Next, select ‘Vocational training and research’ and then ‘Researcher with own funds’. Fellows should find all the information they need regarding residence permits, requirements, rights, and obligations under this tab. Click on the green button labelled ‘How to apply’ for more information.

For family members, please visit the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) for information >

Family members may have to apply for their visas and permits separately.

CAS knows that some countries encourage long term visitors to come to Norway on a 90-day tourist visa, and to start the application process (as explained above) after arriving in Norway. Please note that fort the appointment to turn in your paperwork, fellows may be asked to provide an original copy of their birth certificate and a college or above diploma. Family members may be asked to bring copies and original copies of birth and marriage certificates. We encourage our fellows to check with the UDI which documentation they will need to provide before arriving in Oslo.

If you need any assistance in the process, please contact UDI. If that does not help, contact Kristin Løyning Reyes or Rune Flaten.

Fellows who have to apply for a visa do not need to report their move, as the UDI will inform the Norwegian Tax Administration during the visa application process.

Fellows and their family members staying in Norway without a visa for more than six months, must report their move to Norway within eight days of arrival.

Please visit the website of the Norwegian Tax Administration to learn about the requirements for a specific country of origin.

The Centre does not provide insurance or any healthcare benefits.

All researchers must have travel insurance covering their entire stay, including losses incurred during travel and damages to the provided accommodations.

If in doubt, consult your insurance company for details regarding your coverage.

Yes, or more precisely, the travel expenses are covered by the project. All travel expenses must be approved by the PI in advance, and the Centre does not partner with any travel agencies.

The researchers must make their own travel arrangements and book their own tickets, as they are best suited to make these decisions themselves.

The expenses will be refunded by the Centre when a reimbursement claim is submitted.

Please go to the reimbursement form for further details >

If, for financial reasons, you have difficulty paying for travel expenses, please contact office manager Maria Sætre for assistance from CAS.