RJ Fellowship

CAS has partnered with Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) and joined the Nordic Fellowship Program. The program offers research fellowships to scholars from Swedish higher education and research institutions who wish to participate in one of our groups and spend an academic year at CAS. 

The Nordic Fellowship Program enables CAS to host one additional CRG researcher each year. RJ fellows will receive a fully paid sabbatical and free travel between home place in Sweden and CAS. While at CAS the RJ fellow will enjoy the same benefits and services as other fellows.

To be eligible as an RJ fellow the scholar must (i) have an academic position in the humanities and/or social sciences at a Swedish higher education and research institution and (ii) belong to the core group of a planned CRG project. Please note that it is the PI of the CRG project who applies for the RJ fellowship by incorporating the scholar from Sweden in his/her project (Cf. CAS Research Grant). The application for the RJ fellowship is therefore part of the CRG application and there is no separate call.