IT and library services

All fellows will receive two digital user accounts at CAS.

The first account will be for the intranet page on the Centre’s website, where all planning for their stay at CAS will be arranged. Fellows will receive their login information when their research agreement is signed.

The second account will be a UiO/CAS user account, which you can use to access some of our digital and technical services. This login will be provided when arriving at CAS.

Fellows affiliated with the University of Oslo can use their existing UiO user when at CAS.

Yes, all fellows can order books and articles through the online library database Oria >

By default, the website displays in Norwegian. To change the language, click on ‘MENY’ in the top right corner.

Click 'Sign in' and choose 'UiO students and employees'.

Use the following login information:

  • Affiliation: BIBSYS
  • Username: 5030103
  • Password: entyde

Search for the name of the publication, click on the title, and find the section with the heading ‘Request’. To order, click the button labelled ‘Request’. Please add your name in the comment before submitting the request.

Books will be delivered directly to CAS, usually within 3-7 working days if the book is in stock.

If there are any issues with the service, please contact senior adviser Rune Flaten.

Yes, CAS can provide access to digital publications, but it is a bit tricky to access as we have to utilise services provided by UiO. If you are interested in accessing publications digitally through the UiO services, please contact senior adviser Rune Flaten.

All office spaces are equipped with an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Our standard equipment is for PC.

If your are using Mac and require an Apple mouse and keyboard, please inform the administration under ‘My stay’ before arrival. If you require a desktop (PC or Mac) or ergonomic equipment, please specify this under ‘My stay’.

However, we can only offer standardised software and solutions provided through our partnership with USIT. For specialty software, licensed or purchased, the expenses can be covered by the project if approved by the PI in advance.

Yes, most researchers coming to CAS bring their own laptops.

However, please note that we can only offer basic IT support during your stay if you do not have a CAS-provided computer. This is because the Centre and our IT provider, USIT, do not have the necessary administrative access to provide full support.

Basic support includes help connecting to the network, installing printers, and using the Centre’s AV equipment.

CAS encourages researchers who bring their own laptops to check with their supplier if they can get sufficient IT support while in Norway before travelling.

If the laptop is provided by the employer, you should check with your local IT support if there are any regional restrictions set on the device that may cause trouble when travelling to Oslo.

If the laptop is provided by a Norwegian institution, you should ensure that the computer is compatible with UiO services and protocols.

We recommend that you use Mobility Print from UiO for printing at CAS.

To use our printers, you have to download and install a printer driver:


When installing the driver, you will be asked for the type of printing system you wish to install. Select "Safecom".

You will then be asked to enter your username and password. Please use the information for your CAS/UiO user.


To get your documents from the printer, please see the next enteries in this FAQ.


For assistance, please contact the head of IT, Dag Christian Bjørnsen.

Fellows affiliated with UiO can use their employee or student card at CAS’ printers. All other users need to setup a key card with the printer.

The Centre’s head of IT, Dag Christian Bjørnsen, will visit all newly arrived fellows to assist with setting up printer access. However, if you need to print right away, please follow these steps:

The first time you send a document to the PullPrint queue, you should receive an email with the subject ‘SafeCom PUK code’. This email contains an eight-digit number that must be entered into the printer to connect a user to a key card.

Use one of the key fobs as the printer key card. Place the key fob on the card reader at the printer and remove it after the beep. The printer will say ‘Unknown user’ and ask for the PUK code. On the next screen, you will be asked to create a four-digit PIN code for your user.

Once you finish, the UiO/CAS user is stored to the key fob and can be used to print and scan documents on all printers with PullPrint belonging to UiO.

Go to UiO Utskrift and log in using the UiO/CAS username and password. Please note that this website is only available in Norwegian.

Select ‘Oppsett’. On the right-hand side, choose ‘ID-kode/PUK kode’. This shows a list of key cards the user is currently linked to.

Remove the user from the lost key card by clicking the red ‘X’. Click ‘Ja’ to confirm.

Click the orange button titled ‘Generér ny PUK’ to get a new eight-digit code to bring to the printer.

Place the key fob on the card reader at the printer and remove it after the beep. The printer will say ‘Unknown user’ and ask for the PUK code. On the next screen, you will be asked to create a four-digit PIN code for your user.

When finishing, the UiO/CAS user is stored to the new key fob.