Accommodations and family

CAS will provide accommodation for everyone in residence as long as they do not reside in Oslo or the surrounding area. This applies to PIs and fellows, as well as to affiliated researchers and guests.

CAS partners with Frogner House Apartments (FHA) to rent flats of various sizes and locations, tailored to the needs of individual fellows.

Affiliated researchers and guests staying for less than 10 days will be booked into hotels unless otherwise specified.

The Centre partners with Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus and Scandic Solli.

CAS will make all the arrangements for accommodations. Each fellow will receive information regarding their flat and address at the end of the month before their arrival.

Fellows should log in to the Centre’s intranet to submit information under ‘My Stay’.

Here, each fellow will get an overview of all stays currently planned at CAS. You can update, add, or delete any additional information about your stay.

It is important that all fellows provide CAS with the necessary information in case they plan to bring any family members or pets. This also applies if the fellow or their family member require access to a lift in their building.

All flats are fully furnished, including everything the fellows need from tableware and cooking utensils to bedding, sheets, and towels. Cable TV and Wi-Fi are both included. Cleaning services are not provided by CAS, but FHA will carry out an ‘end-of-tenancy cleaning’ after departure. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors.

For those who want to travel by car, please note that parking in Oslo is not covered by the Centre and can be very expensive.

FHA has many addresses in Oslo, but CAS primarily books apartments within walking distance of the Centre.

Fellows with any difficulty walking should let us know under ‘My Stay’ so that we can make sure the flat is located close to our address.

We will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for fellows who wish to be located close to any specific school or kindergarten.

Accommodations can only be provided during the academic year, from 15 August through 30 June. Accommodations for fellows from out side of the Oslo area will be covered out of the project's budget, and are only available during the researchers’ stay at the Centre (from arrival to departure date).

In cases where one needs accommodation before or after one’s research period, CAS can help with these arrangements but will not cover the expenses.

FHA will send information about the apartment and its location by email to each fellow approximately four weeks before their arrival. Information regarding check-in and check-out will also be provided here.

In general, fellows will be asked to retrieve their keys from FHA’s service office at Skovveien 8, 0257 Oslo. Their opening hours are 08.00-23.00 during weekdays and 09.00-18.00 during weekends. If you arrive outside of office hours, please call +47 930 10 009 for 24-hour assistance.

Yes, we can accommodate fellows who wish to bring their families with them to Oslo. Fellows must specify the number of family members and their need for accommodations under ‘My Stay’.

In addition, bringing family members will have to be approved by the PI in advance, as it will result in increased expenses for the project.

In some cases, family members may need to apply for their own residence permits. More information can be found in the FAQ section on visas >

The project will usually cover travelling expenses for the whole family to and from Oslo once. If additional travels have to be made between Oslo and the home, the fellow and their family will have to cover this themselves.

Yes, fellows can bring their pets with them to Oslo, but this must be approved by the PI, CAS, and Frogner House Apartments (FHA) in advance.

Bringing pets results in an additional fee from FHA. This fee can be covered by the project, but it must be approved by the PI. If the project does not cover the pet fee, the fellow will have to cover it themselves. The fee is currently a one-time payment of NOK 3 500,-.

In addition, it is not permitted to have pets at all of FHA's addresses, and so we need to know about the pets before making a reservation with them.

Fellows must specify their wish to bring pets on ‘My Stay’.

Yes, we can assist in suggesting schools or kindergartens for fellows bringing children to Oslo. However, each fellow is responsible for submitting their child’s application.

Both schools and kindergartens in Norway have strict application deadlines, and fellows who wish to bring their children should start the application process as early as possible.

Please note that expenses for schooling can vary significantly, and any expenses covered by the project must be approved by the PI beforehand. If the expenses will be covered by the projects, we can ask the school to invoice the Centre directly.