Publication on 'Archaeological Stories of Migration'

The first publication from the CAS project 'Exploring the Archaeological Migration Narrative: The Introduction of Farming and Animal Husbandry in Southern Norway', led by Daniela Hofmann and Martin Furholt back in 2021/2022, has been unveiled through the Sidestone Press.


A new publication titled "Archaeological Stories of Migration" has recently been released in Sidestone Press, featuring Professor Daniela Hofmann from the University of Bergen (UiB) as a key editorial contributor. Hofmann led the CAS project Exploring the Archaeological Migration Narrative: The Introduction of Farming and Animal Husbandry in Southern Norway alongside Martin Furholt back in 2021/2022.

The publication marks the culmination of this CAS project, which brought together a dedicated group of researchers spanning the fields of archaeology and archaeogenetics. Their goal was to deepen our understanding of historical migrations, with a particular focus on the Neolithic era in Western and Northern Europe. This endeavor aimed not only to determine when and whether migrations occurred but also to explore the reasons behind human mobility, the structure of migration processes, and their significance for both those who migrated and those who remained in place.

Migration is not just a recent, crisis-driven phenomenon but a fundamental part of human life—and has always been so, as stated in the abstract of the publication. "Archaeological Stories of Migration" consists of 24 concise texts tailored for a broad audience.

The publication provides insights into five common archaeological and scientific methods used to trace past migrations, such as ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis, isotopic analysis, and archaeological sourcing methods. Furthermore, it presents seven selected case studies from European prehistory, spanning from the Stone Age to the early medieval Migration Period.

One of the distinctive features of this publication is the rich array of illustrations that accompany each text.

"Archaeological Stories of Migration" offers not only a thought-provoking exploration of the past but also prompts reflection on our contemporary understanding of migration. The publication includes a series of prefaces, a comprehensive introduction, and suggestions for further reading, making it an invaluable resource for those intrigued by the multifaceted topic of human migration. 

The publication is available in both English and Norwegian versions.

Published 04 September 2023, 11:31 | Last edited 18 September 2023, 1:44