Ida-Marie Høyvik: Two-month Research Stay

Ida-Marie Høyvik, an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), spent the last two weeks of February at CAS for her research stay.

Ida-Marie holds a lunch seminar in the Turret Room at CAS. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar


Ida-Marie leads the Young CAS project A Wave Function Based Framework for Describing Photoactivated Redox Processes. Her stay at CAS was particularly notable as she became the first to utilise the newly renovated offices designed for our Young CAS groups, located on the third floor.


Ida-Marie's project explores the complex world of molecular chemistry, with a particular focus on wave function theory for describing molecules. The project's goal is to establish a comprehensive theoretical framework to describe and investigate photoactivated redox reactions between molecules. This framework, based on the particle-breaking molecular electronic wave function theory currently being developed by Ida-Marie, connects closely with statistical grand canonical ensembles. In collaboration with experts in quantum transport, statistical mechanics, and optical molecular properties, the research holds great potential for groundbreaking developments in photoactivated redox applications and more.


During her tenure at CAS, she held a highly engaging lunch seminar. She also arranged a larger, full-day seminar, inviting various Oslo-based colleagues from her field.


We are pleased to have hosted Ida-Marie and her group this month. The research stay marks the conclusion of Ida-Marie's Young CAS project, and we wish her and her team the very best for the future and look forward to following their continued progress.


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Published 01 March 2024, 12:46 | Last edited 01 March 2024, 12:47