OsloMet gives extensive support to CAS affiliated scholars in an effort to become Centres of Excellence

Future CAS project leader Svenn-Erik Mamelund and former CAS Fellow Marit Haldar will both lead research centres granted the status of “research environments of excellence” by their institution, OsloMet.


‘I believe that being selected to lead a CAS project has contributed positively to my success also in this application’, Research Professor Svenn-Erik Mamelund says.

His research centre is one of five that OsloMet has given the status of research environments of excellence, and which they will support financially in an institutionalised effort to make these environments Centres of Excellence (SFF).

Mamelund will come to CAS in 2022/23 to lead the project Social Science Meets Biology: Indigenous People and Severe Influenza Outcomes. The centre he will lead at OsloMet with research environment of excellence status is titled PANBRIDGE - Bridging Projects on Pandemics and Socioeconomic Status.

Professor of Sociology, Marit Haldar, was a fellow in the CAS project The Body in Translation: Historicising and Reinventing Medical Humanities and Knowledge Translation in 2019/20, and will lead the CEDIC - Centre for the Study of Digitization of Public Services and Citizenship at OsloMet.

Financial and administrative support

In all, five centres reached the status of excellent research environments, as part of a measure designed to meet one of the university’s articulated goals in its strategy for 2024: to develop three to five research environments of extraordinarily high quality.   

The research environments that achieved the status of excellence will work to become Centres of Excellence (SFF).

Each of the research environments will receive NOK 1 million per year for four years (2021-24), as well as funding for a Ph.D./postdoc position. They will receive extra administrative support for self-development and for working on applications for external financing. 

Published 05 November 2020, 12:00 | Last edited 11 March 2021, 11:26