Workshop: How can we approach consensus on the healthiness of red meat?

Two-day workshop at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Arranged by Bjørg Egelandsdal, groupleader of the CAS research project The Ecology of Food Perception.


  • Lie, Ø: Opening remarks.
  • Karlsson, A & Sødring, M: What is red meat? What is colon cancer?
  • Haug, A & Pickova, J: Red meat in human health.
  • Corpet, D.E: Red meat gives you colon cancer!
  • Weed, D.L: Red meat does not give you colon cancer!
  • De Smet, S: A debate between the two previous speakers: What areas do we have consensus on?
  • Kulseng, B: Eating too much, obesity and the role of meat.
  • Alexander, J: Policy regarding incorrectly balanced eating and overeating: Norway’s approach.
  • Dragsted, L: Measuring meat by biomarkers.
  • Chen, D. & Oostindjer, M: Does a healthy and smart brain prevent cancer? The role of the gutbrain axis.
  • Andersen, A & Egelandsdal, B: Monitoring beef meat composition in different countries. Do we know the meat we eat?
  • Milkowski, A: Regulatory and safety issues regarding nitrite and nitrate (US versus Europe).
  • De Kok, T: Why search for nitrite replacers?
  • Bryan, N: Why dietary nitrite and nitrate may be good for you?
  • Martin, R: Gut fermentation status and cancer.
  • Rudi, K: The role of microbiota in gut health.
  • Pajari, A‐M: D cell culture models ‐ closing the gap between animal and cell culture studies?
  • Paulsen, J.E: MIN mouse model.
  • Corpet, D: Carcinogen induced rodent models.
  • De Smet, S: The mouse fight debate, what is the better rodent model?
  • Kleter, G: Whole‐food safety testing: Past experiences and approaches applied to GM and other novel and processed foods.
  • Haug, A: Efficiency in smart intervention studies