Health and safety

Fire department: 110

Police department: 112

Medical emergency: 113

Emergency ward: 116117


For international travels, European countries have a shared emergency phone number: 112.

Upon arrival at the Centre, fellows and guest researchers will be taken through the fire and safety routines by the PI. They will also receive a pamphlet which include a map of CAS marking where all safety equipment and emergency exits are located.

When the fire alarm sounds, all persons must evacuate the building and head to the meeting point by the waste bins in front of the building. No one should leave the premises without informing a member of the administrative team.

Do not abort evacuation if the fire alarm stops sounding, as it may be caused by fire damage to the alarm system. The administration will announce when it is safe to reenter the building.

In case of a fire emergency, call 110 for assistance. 

There is basic first aid equipment available at the Centre. On the lower ground floor, it is located by the kitchenette. On the third floor, it is in the cloak room by the bathrooms.

The administration at the Centre takes first aid courses annually and are trained in the use of the Centre's defibrillator.

For immediate medical assistance, call 113. If it is not an emergency, call the nearest emergency ward at 116117.

In case of illness or injury, we recommend contacting either Oslo Emergency Ward or Aleris Medical Centre.

NOTE: Aleris is a private centre and is therefore more expensive than the emergency ward.


Oslo Emergency Ward: 

  • Trondheimsveien 233 
  • Phone 116117


Aleris Medical Centre:

  • Fredrik Stangs gate 11-13 
  • Phone (+47) 22 54 10 00


For dental care, we recommend Frogner Tannhelse:

  • Morgens Thorsensgate 10
  • Phone (+47) 22 55 88 55


In case of an emergency, contact one of these emergency dental wards:

Bogstadveien Tannlege:

  • Rosenborggata 1B
  • Phone (+47) 21 08 01 49


Tannlegevakt Majorstua:

  • Jacob Aals gate 18
  • Phone (+47) 22 60 08 78


Sentrum Tannlegevakt:

  • Hausmannsgate 10
  • Phone (+47) 22 20 10 10

Please report all thefts or damages to the Centre's administration.

Theft or damage to personal property should be reported to the fellow’s insurance company and, when applicable, to the police.

Theft or damage to the property of fellows' home institution should be reported to the home institution.

For immediate assistance from the police, call 113. If it is not an emergency, the police can be reached by calling 02800.

The Centre does not provide insurance or any other healthcare benefits, as Fellows and guest researchers are not employed by CAS.

All researchers must have travel insurance covering their entire stay, including losses incurred during travel and damages to the provided accommodations.

If in doubt, consult your insurance company for details regarding your coverage.

In the event of a crisis or disaster, it is important to have access to official information about what is happening and stay informed on what should be done. The Centre’s administration will do their best to keep PIs and fellows informed and updated. But all fellows are encouraged to stay informed through official channels.

Official information can be found on the government’s website, regjeringen.no, and the municipality’s website, oslo.kommune.no

In case of immediate and serious threat to life and health, you may receive an emergency alert on your mobile phone. This alert is issued by the Norwegian authorities.

The Norwegian national broadcasting network NRK has a special responsibility to communicate official messages from the authorities. NRK P1 is the emergency radio channel.

You can find advice on self-preparedness, provided by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, here: sikkerhverdag.no.