Application Process for CAS Research Grant

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Month of June

Call for Applications Announced

We will announce the call for grant applications and make the online application portal at UNIFOR available.

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Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is a fleeting date that changes from year to year. It is always set to be a weekday in mid-October of each year.



Our board of directors will make the first selection of projects that will pass through to the peer review. The faith of each individual application will be announced to the applicant directly i mid-December.

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January to May

Peer Review

The applications that made it through the first round of selections will each be reviewed by three objective experts in the research field. They will judge the professional quality of the application.

Early June

Final Selection

Based on the assessments from the peer review, the board will invite the selected projects to spend a year at CAS the following year.

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June to June

One Year of Planning

Each project has one year to plan their year at CAS and to formalise arrangements with their invited fellows. CAS will help the project leaders through this planning process.