ChangeTrend: Identifying and Assessing Windows of Change

The CAS project Stability and Change is hosting a workshop in the Turret Room at CAS.



Tuesday 28 March

10:00 — Nils Lid Hjort: The window of change

11:00 — Aaron Clauset: Detecting change points in the large-scale structure of evolving networks

12:00 — LUNCH

13:00 — Per August Moen: Efficient sparsity adaptive change-point estimation

14:00 — Emil Stoltenberg: Regression discontinuity design with right-censored survival data

15:00 — Phillip Lutscher: Education policies and system across modern history: A global dataset


Wednesday 29 March

9:00 — Jacob Nyrup: Paths to power: A new dataset on the social pro-file of governments

10:00 — Dennis Christensen: Bayesian change point detection for battle deaths data

11:00 — Martin Tveten: Industrial applications of changepoint detection: Anomalies, on-off-patterns and concept drift

11:30 — LUNCH

12:30 — Celine Cunen: When did Author B take over for Author A? Confidence distributions for change-points

13:30 — Idris Eckly: Reflections on recent changepoint and anomaly detection advances

14:30 — Carl Henrik Knutsen: Behind the throne: Regime support coalitions around the world, 1789-2020