Guidelines for Ethics in Research

Projects funded by the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) are to maintain high ethical standards and uphold fundamental principles for good practice, integrity, and ethics in research.

Researchers shall ensure that all their research is conducted in accordance with recognised ethical standards for research. All applicants to CAS must review and clarify any potential ethical issues associated with their proposed project, and describe how these ethical issues will be handled. The CAS Board of Directors and referees will review this disclosure as part of the project selection process. 

The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees have created disciplinary guidelines for ethical conduct in research. Researchers may contact the Committees for advice when assessing specific ethical challenges relating to their research projects.

CAS project leaders have the primary responsibility for ensuring good practice, high integrity, and ethics in research. CAS stipulates that project leaders must comply with the applicable ethical guidelines, statutory framework, and other public regulations, as well as recognised quality standards and norms for good research practice. 

CAS project leaders are also responsible for ensuring that participating researchers comply with the applicable legislation, rules, and norms for good research practice in accordance with CAS requirements. CAS project leaders are required to report all deviations relative to the researcher agreement, including violations of ethical guidelines. The project leader must notify CAS of a deviation immediately. 

All breaches of contract, including violations of good research practice, may lead to the termination of the project. CAS reserves the right to claim reimbursement of disbursed funds.