Sigbjørn Løland Bore: #1 Young CAS Workshop

This month, one of our Young CAS Principal Investigators (PIs), Sigbjørn Løland Bore, a postdoctoral fellow at the Hylleraas Centre, University of Oslo, hosted his first Young CAS workshop at CAS.


Sigbjørn leads the project Can Ice Be Described from First Principles?. The project plays a critical role in enhancing our understanding of Earth's climate, focusing on the significant presence of ice in polar regions and its impact on global climate and sea levels.

The project employs first principle calculations, which use fundamental principles of physics to model the behavior of atoms and molecules, a method commonly used in ice studies. However, a notable challenge with this method is its limited accuracy in predicting the temperatures and pressures at which ice melts. In this project, Sigbjørn aims to develop new empirical corrections to these calculations, bridging the gap between experimental knowledge and theoretical predictions. This advancement is expected to facilitate more reliable computational microscopy of ice, especially in conditions that are challenging for experiments to replicate.

It was a great pleasure hosting Sigbjørn and his team for this workshop, and we're excited to see the continued progress and developments from this project.


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Published 26 January 2024, 2:01 | Last edited 01 February 2024, 9:19