March Lunch Seminar Series

Throughout this month, CAS has been abuzz with intellectual exchange, hosting a series of three captivating lunch seminars featuring esteemed speakers from this year's project leaders.


Kicking off the series was Professor Francois Renard, who co-leads the Friction and Fracture and the Onset of Geohazards (FricFrac) together with Anders Malthe-Sørensen. Francois delved into the intriguing subject of earthquake prediction with his seminar titled "Earthquake sequence in Turkey and Syria and why it is not possible to predict earthquakes (yet)." His insights shed light on the complexities of seismic activity and the challenges researchers face in forecasting such events.

Mathea Slåttholm Sagdahl, the project leader of the Profoundest Problem in Ethics: Handling Practical Reasons in Conflict (PROFOUND) project (which she leads together with Attila Tanyi), treated us to a thought-provoking session titled "The Concern for Meaning in Life."

Fabian Nøst Harang, who is leading the Signatures for Images project together with Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, provided us with "A brief overview of the mathematics of Risk Management."

Next month, we will hear from the Heterogeneous Climate Forcing: Linking Regional Perturbations to Climate Implications Across Multiple Scales (HETCLIF) project and our Young CAS PI, Benjamin Schneider, who leads the project Work and Wellbeing in History.

Published 19 March 2024, 12:27 | Last edited 19 March 2024, 3:34