Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN) partners with CAS

CAS is excited to announce our new partner institution!


Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN) join 14 other Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutions, as they become members of CAS.

This means that faculty members who hold permanent research positions at INN are now eligible to apply to CAS: submit a project proposal, and assemble and lead the corresponding research group for one academic year at CAS. Early career scholars below the age of 40 employed in a full-time academic position at INN are also eligible to apply for the Young CAS Fellow programme.  

'We are really excited to welcome our new partner INN, Innland Norway University of Applied Sciences. INN’s collaboration with CAS express their understanding of the value of basic research. We look forward to receiving strong applications from our new family member', says Scientific Director at CAS, Camilla Serck-Hanssen.

INN will grant their researchers sabbatical leave while they are at CAS, either as project leaders or as fellows.

Proud, new member

INN has a large and diverse portfolio of research projects within a wide range of academic traditions.

'It is very gratifying that CAS has seen that we have strong professional environments that deliver research at a high international level and will enter into a partnership with us. Above all, I am proud of our researchers who enable us to have this opportunity', says Vice-Dean for Research, Anstein Gregersen.

Pro-Rector for research, Arild Hovland, also expresses excitement about the new partnership:

'We look forward to contributing to CAS, and reaping the rich opportunities the partnership represents. This is a unique opportunity for us.' He continues: 'We strongly and ambitiously invest in further development of research at the institution. The partnership with CAS represents a natural, but very gratifying extension of this venture.'


The new partnership should benefit CAS, the researchers themselves as well as their institution. Our member institutions earn publication points for research that originates from a stay at CAS. CAS projects are also often successfully developed into larger research centres and thus give added value to their home institution.

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Published 05 October 2022, 12:00 | Last edited 27 March 2023, 3:23