Gaute Linga's #1 Young CAS Workshop

This month, one of our Young CAS Principal Investigators (PIs), Gaute Linga, a researcher at the University of Oslo, hosted his first Young CAS workshop at CAS.

Illustrative image of water flowing through the ground and mixing the different components. Illustration: Camilla K. Elmar / CAS.

Gaute leads the project Mixing by Interfaces: How Does Water Infiltration Control Mixing and Reaction in Soils?. 

Gaute Linga
Gaute Linga. Photo: Private

The project delves into the complex interactions occurring beneath the Earth's surface, focusing on the partially water-saturated soil region that extends down to the water table. This crucial layer plays a pivotal role in controlling the flow of nutrients and contaminants into the Earth’s aquifers. 

Historically, our understanding of mixing and reaction at the pore-scale has been confined to steady flow conditions. However, Linga's research is set to redefine this understanding, shedding light on the dynamic nature of infiltration. 

It was a great pleasure hosting Gaute and his team for this workshop, and we're excited to see the continued progress and developments from this project.

Read more about the project here >

Published 22 February 2024, 2:01 | Last edited 22 February 2024, 2:02