Young CAS Fellow Ceremony

To present four of our most recent Young CAS Fellows, the Centre is inviting fellows and colleagues to a ceremony in their honor.

The event is for invited guests only.


We are opening the doors to The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters at 16:45, Wednesday 8 June.


  • Introductory greeting by the Director of CAS, Professor Camilla Serck-Hanssen
  • Presentations by the two 2022/2023 Young CAS Fellows:


Vadim Kimmelman

Whole-Entity Classifiers in Sign Languages: A Multiperspective Approach


Veronika K. Pettersen

Infant Gut Microbiome Acquisition: Off to a Healthy Start


  • Presentations by our two 2022/2024 Young CAS Fellows:


Nani Teig

Disadvantaged Students Who Beat the Odds: Towards a New Generation of
Research in Academic Resilience


Ida-Marie Høyvik

A Wave Function Based Framework for Describing Photoactivated Redox



The event is for invited guests only.