Young CAS Grant

The Young CAS Grant, (previously known as the Young CAS Fellowship), is the funding opportunity offered to early career scholars below the age of 40. Recipients of a Young CAS Grant receive funding and support for their research project and gain valuable experience in organising multiple workshops and a two-month research stay at the Centre.

The Young CAS programme is a collaborative effort between CAS, the Young Academy of Norway (AYF) and The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA).


Who may apply?

To be eligible for this grant, you must have completed a PhD and be employed full-time at one of our partner institutions. The position does not have to be permanent, and you may change your affiliation while you are in the programme, as long as it is from one partner institution to another. Our agreements with our partner institutions ensures that the applicant will be granted paid leave by the home institution during the stay at CAS. But please note that your application needs to be supported by your head of department.

The project should be blue-sky, curiosity-driven, challenge given truths, and have the potential to advance research in the relevant field(s). Scholars from all disciplines can apply but note that laboratory-based research is not possible at CAS.

The applicant will serve as the PI of the project and lead the workshops and research group.


Grant and support

Each semester, the Centre selects two Young CAS projects. Each project receives a grant of NOK 750 000, to be spent over a two-year period.

During the first year, the PI should spend roughly NOK 250 000 on organising three intensive workshops.

During the second year, the PI should use the remaining budget to gather a group of scholars for a two-month stay at CAS. This stay is designed as a condensed version of the stays of the CAS Research Grant projects.

The staff at CAS will provide administrative support to the PIs throughout the two years. DNVA offers its elegant venues for the final day of the last gathering and contributes to the reception.


Project participants: Fellows

The PIs can invite both established and early career scholars from around the world to participate in their workshops and research stay.

For the research stay in the second year, the PIs will invite a core group of four scholars to join them at CAS. All scholars staying at the Centre are referred to as fellows. The core group should preferably consist of scholars who have participated in one or more gatherings during the first year. Each fellow should stay at CAS for at least four weeks, but they may split their stay into two. (Please note that stays shorter than one month, will increase the accommodation costs). The PI must be located at the Centre for the whole two-month period.


Rights to the research

CAS will not claim ownership of any of the work performed at the Centre, nor of any research results and findings. The individual scholars and their home institution will retain full rights to the research, and the publication points that result from the project will be credited to the scholars and their home institutions. However, the Centre´s financial contribution to the project must be acknowledged in all resulting publications.


The application process

The Young CAS Grant call for applications is published twice a year. 

Please see the call for more information >

A selection committee consisting of representatives from CAS, our board, and AYF will present a shortlist to the board of directors.

The selection criteria will include the scientific quality of the project, the applicant’s merits and experience, as well as how well the project aligns with CAS’s mission.