Workshop: Superconductivity-Ferromagnetism Interplay in Nanostructured Hybrid Systems (SFINx)

The group leaders are also member of the EU 6. Framework “SFINX” STREP project and organized a workshop for SFINX and CAS members on March 1-2, 2007 at CAS. In addition to the scholars present at CAS, 12 SFINX members participated. There were 11 talks on topics ranging from ferromagnetism and Coulomb interaction in quantum-dot spinvalves, chemical order and interface effects on clusters magnetic anisotropy, spin polarized tunneling, graphene, superconductor-ferromagnet systems, thermal spin transfer-torque and thermopower in metals.

Organized by by Professor Arne Brataas, group leader of the CAS project Spin and Charge Flow in Nanostructures.